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Hi [May. 5th, 2004|03:43 am]


[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hi, my name's Kendra. I was interested in joining this group because my fiance has cystic fibrosis. And it's good to know I have one more place to go where I can talk with others who express their concerns about CF or other disabilities. 'Till then, take care!

[User Picture]From: toomerscorner
2004-09-11 05:42 pm (UTC)

hey kendra ... my apologies for the long silence from here

hey kendra,

thanks for joining ... my apologies for not responding

as i've told the few other members, i'm afraid i've been bad and not checked this community.

camp ascca has a program serving cystic fibrosis. i don't know what they have in virginia ... but, if you haven't checked, maybe look at the site for Virginia Easter Seals? i searched for cystic fibrosis - found nothing - but they have a phone number and address:

You can also reach Virginia Easter Seals at:

804-746-1007 (voice)
804-746-9214 (fax)
800-365-1656 (toll-free)

Or, via regular mail at:

9291 Laurel Grove Road, Suite 2
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

Web Site:


i've set this community to inform me of future posts at my e-mail addy, so feel free to post again.

as for this community so far, i tried to give it to the camp, but they're not really 'tech' or 'blog' savvy ... not that they aren't cool, but just not into the blog thing.

i'm still workin' on them, though ... so, maybe they'll buy into the blog soon.

i worked at camp ascca for over 10 years. it was the best experience of my life. i send out praise to you for working at the california camp. and also for your love of your brother! that's very cool to see.

thanks for checking in and take care.

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