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Hi [May. 10th, 2004|08:02 pm]


hi my name is April, i wanted to join this group because i work for easter seals in California and i also have a younger brother with cerebral palsy. its really nice talking to people who also live with disabilities. thanks!

From: jumpupmybutt
2004-06-09 10:00 pm (UTC)


Hi April, I also live with mental disability! I would like to know, how does it affect you in your life and has anyone ever been mean to you because of your disability?
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[User Picture]From: come_and_get_me
2004-06-27 04:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Awww

it affects my life alot but i have learned to use it as a learning experience and a challenge. many people have teased my brother at school, but since he is only one year younger than me we usually go to the same school and so i watch out for him and make sure it doesnt happen.
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[User Picture]From: toomerscorner
2004-09-11 05:33 pm (UTC)

hey, sorry this reply came so late

hi, i'm afraid i've been bad and not checked this community.

i tried to give it to the camp, but they're not really 'tech' or 'blog' savvy ... not that they aren't cool, but just not into the blog thing.

i'm still workin' on them, though ... so, maybe they'll buy into the blog soon.

i worked at camp ascca for over 10 years. it was the best experience of my life. i send out praise to you for working at the california camp. and also for your love of your brother! that's very cool to see.

thanks for checking in and take care.

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